Leigh’s Ruffle Love Bottoms by Snuggle My Baby Patterns

Leigh’s Ruffle Love Bottoms by Snuggle My Baby Patterns were recently released!  I had1 the honor of testing them.  They’re simple and cute, depending on the fabric and trims you can dress them up or down!  This knee length pattern has a flat front with an elastic back on a separate waistband so you can use a contrasting fabric or not.  There are options for one ruffle or more and back pocket with ruffles!

Cailey change up from her “Signature” purple and instead decided on this cute green frog cotton print that I’ve had in my stash for ages.  She opted for one ruffle and of course the ruffled back pockets!

2These will be perfect for school!  And with the longer length these can be worn into the cooler fall weather.

Leigh’s Ruffle Love Bottoms pattern comes with a full tutorial and color photos in an easy to print PDF. The tutorial includes body measurements chart, fabric layout chart, and required fabric chart! Pattern pieces have been created in layers for easy printing! Layers are great because you only need to print the size that you need! The size range is a 2T thru 12 and are recommended for the beginner thru the advanced seamstress!



Gina’s Knot Your Everyday Tee by Snuggle My Baby Patterns!

I had the honor of testing an amazing top by Snuggle My Baby Patterns!

DSCN0096Gina’s Knot Your Everyday Tee is great for every day wear and has the option of contrasting fabrics to make it cute, fun, and sassy! The pattern comes with multiple sleeve length options, as well as two different hem lengths, allowing this top to be great for any season!

Gina’s Knot Your Everyday Tee features a cute knot in the front of the shirt, with a straight or curved hem in the back, making it absolutely adorable.  The front and back pieces are split to make the most out of color blocking.  Make it fancy with lace accents or all one material for a “go with everything ” shirt.

DSCN0103.JPGCailey chose her “signature” purple in a t-shirt jersey knit for the majority of this tee, and chose a pink and purple skull spandex left over from a leotard as an accent on the upper front bodice. She absolutely loved this top and wants more in different colors!

This pattern is available in sizes 2T-16, and comes with the layered option so you can print only the sizes you need!

The pattern comes with a full tutorial and color photos in an easy to print PDF. Tutorial includes body measurements chart, fabric layout chart, and required fabric chart. This pattern is made for knit materials, and is therefore suggested for intermediate to expert levels of sewing. Get your pattern to make your own adorable Gina’s Knot Your Everyday Tee by Snuggle My Baby Patterns today!



Serger Maintenance

I’ve only had my Brother 1034D serger for about a year.  A serger is used in conjunction or sometimes in place of the sewing machine.  It cuts off the seam allowance and finishes the raw edges of the fabric at the same time.  Some weeks it gets used almost constantly, img_20170119_012316392_hdrothers not so much.  I have religiously followed the manufacture’s directions about opening the front cover and clean all the lint out after every every session.

Thanks to a FB post I found out that it should be cleaned in other places.  I wish I had img_20170119_010106352taken a picture of the mess when I took the side off, because it was so full of lint that it was ready to expload!  I got in there with the machine lint brush, but that wasn’t getting the lint out of all the nooks and crannies so I ended up using Q-Tips.

This is most of the built up lint I removed.  It was also on my table, floor img_20170119_010014316_hdrand me!  After removing all the lint I put a drop of oil on all the moving parts. Since this is not a part of the regular maintenance, it would have lead to a very expensive repair!  All clean now!

I’ll be sure to clean this area out more frequently.  Special thanks for the posting in one of my FB groups for saving me a ton of money!

This is an example that we have become a “throw away society.”  The cost of servicing this machine would be about the same amount as buying a new one.  And it would be so easy for the manufacturer to include instructions on how to preform this maintenance.  What happened to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle?”  The majority of people would probably get an estimate for the basic servicing and just throw it away and buy a new one!  When I buy a sewing machine, I expect them to last more than a couple of years.  Now knowing this information, I will hopefully have this one for many years to come.


Lacey Back Tee by Snuggle My Baby Patterns

Hi All.  It’s not that I haven’t been sewing, but I’ve been remiss with keeping up with the blog!  I will try to do better!

I had the honor to test this cute little tee for Snuggle My Baby Patterns!

The Lacey Back Tee is another versatile top from Snuggle My Baby Patterns.  Design wise, you can use the back panel to make a feminine lace top or use the same or a contrasting knit to make this top fun and playful!15972775_1453024134709842_3280666993642489839_o  The pattern has three sleeve lengths so you can play with matching lace sleeves for ultra feminine top or again contrasting or the same knit for playful and fun.  Short,  long, or 3/4 length sleeves make it year ’round.  The hem is also a design feature with a straight hem in the front and a longer scooped hem in the back.  It comes in sizes 2T-16 and has a layered feature so you can print only the size you need!

The pattern comes with a full tutorial and color photos in an easy to print PDF. Tutorial includes body measurements chart, fabric layout chart, and required fabric chart. Since it is a knit pattern, the expertise level is for advances beginners up.


15936852_1453024031376519_7759357537114069262_oCailey chose to have this top made from a little ribbed light blue ballerina t-shirt knit and wanted lavender stretch lace for the back.  It was chilly outside, so our little model got cold quickly, but she did wear it to school with a cami underneath the next day.  She wants a pink butterfly short sleeved one next with hot pink lace for the back and sleeves.  She adores her new top!  And our group of testers LOVED this top so much that we encouraged Jennifer Gunn to put a matching Ladies sized on her pattern to do list so look for one later in the year!


Order this pattern for an introductory price thru January 20, 2017 at Snuggle My Baby Patterns!



Felicity Dress and Top by Bella Sunshine Designs

Bella Sunshine Designs recently released their Felicity Dress and Top.DSCN8302-2
This dress is perfect for the warm weather. The thin shoulder straps are dainty and allow your little one to soak up the sun’s rays. The pattern has a real twirl factor which my granddaughter LOVES!  DSCN8348-10There are so many options with this DSCN8337-11dress.  Dress with a hemline to hit right above the knee or thigh length top, elastic or shirred back bodice, tucked or gathered skirt, and with or without the optional botton ruffle.  Of course, my granddaughter wanted the extra ruffle with the gathered skirt.  Grandma didn’t want to fiddle with the elastic thread for shirring so I made it with the elastic.  Either way makes for easy fitting.  The whole dress is lined so there are no seams exposed to rub during the hot and sticky weather.  I just made this one from a quilting cotton that I had in my stash.

As with all the Bella Sunshine Designs Patterns, the instructions are very detailed and pictures help guide you through all the steps.  There are even links to posts on the blog to further help you understand and added tips and tricks if trying a new technique.  Also now there is a free PDF add-on to make a maxi dress!

This pattern comes in Sizes 6 months to Girls Size 12 and is for the Confident Beginner seamstress. Make sure you check out Bella Sunshine Designs for their Memorial Day Sale.DSCN8355-12



Vintage Grace Flutter Dress by Bella Sunshine Designs

Bella Sunshine Designs recently launched their newest pattern the Vintage Grace Flutter Dress.  This little dress and top have a classic bodice with a skirt gathered at the natural waist.DSCN7911


The bodice back has a low cut neckline fastened together with buttons and a placket.  This allows the dress or top to open fully for easy dressing.  Add some flutter sleeves and you have a dress or top for any occasion in the spring or summer.





The front bodice leads of ideas of embroidery, fussy cutting and all kinds of other embellishments.  Look at all the tester photos on the pattern page for other ideas!  The
entire bodice is lined to cover all those annoying seams that rub against the skin.DSCN7985

The flutters can be lined or use a rolled hem,  add a little lace for DSCN7987something a little fluttery!

This pattern is available in sizes 6 mo. to girls 12 and is appropriate for a confident beginner seamstress.  The instructions are very concise and detailed so you can follow along step by step and use some techniques that you might have never tried!


Stop over to Bella Sunshine Designs and get this sure to be wardrobe staple!

Justin’s and Justine’s Muscle Top by Snuggle My Baby Patterns

Justin’s and Justine’s Muscle Top by Snuggle My Baby Patterns is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe for this summer! DSCN7364 It comes in sizes 2T-16 and is unisex so the same pattern can be used by both the boys and girls in the family.

It is to be made from a knit-make sure to check the stretch on your knit!  If you have never sewn with knit, don’t worry.  There is a page explaining how to sew knits from needles to threads to stitches.

A serger makes construction extremely quick, but don’t worry if you don’t have one, a regular machine works just fine with a specialty needle and some stretch stitches or zigzags.

There are only two main pieces to this pattern, the remaining are the bindings for the arm and neck.  As with all the Snuggle My Baby Patterns, the instructions are very detailed with plenty of pictures to guide you.

This pattern is a beginners pattern.  After it was cut I finished my tops in approximately 20 minutes!  The kids love them!


Make sure you measure your child and compare those measurements against the sizing chart.  The best thing about this is that you can personalize your look by making a size 5 shirt with a size 7 length.  My grandson is usually swimming in shirts so it was nice to see one that actually fit him!  I upcycled a shirt from his wrestling team from a Men’s M that he probably wouldn’t use for years.  He wants to wear it to school, but winter hasn’t left PA yet and temps have been in the 50’s by the time he gets home!






My granddaughter’s shirt is an interlocking knit that I had in my stash.  She wanted it trimmed in pink.

They have both picked out several other fabrics to make more and are looking for shorts material to match them.  Warmer weather is coming! (I hope!)