Serger Maintenance

I’ve only had my Brother 1034D serger for about a year.  A serger is used in conjunction or sometimes in place of the sewing machine.  It cuts off the seam allowance and finishes the raw edges of the fabric at the same time.  Some weeks it gets used almost constantly, img_20170119_012316392_hdrothers not so much.  I have religiously followed the manufacture’s directions about opening the front cover and clean all the lint out after every every session.

Thanks to a FB post I found out that it should be cleaned in other places.  I wish I had img_20170119_010106352taken a picture of the mess when I took the side off, because it was so full of lint that it was ready to expload!  I got in there with the machine lint brush, but that wasn’t getting the lint out of all the nooks and crannies so I ended up using Q-Tips.

This is most of the built up lint I removed.  It was also on my table, floor img_20170119_010014316_hdrand me!  After removing all the lint I put a drop of oil on all the moving parts. Since this is not a part of the regular maintenance, it would have lead to a very expensive repair!  All clean now!

I’ll be sure to clean this area out more frequently.  Special thanks for the posting in one of my FB groups for saving me a ton of money!

This is an example that we have become a “throw away society.”  The cost of servicing this machine would be about the same amount as buying a new one.  And it would be so easy for the manufacturer to include instructions on how to preform this maintenance.  What happened to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle?”  The majority of people would probably get an estimate for the basic servicing and just throw it away and buy a new one!  When I buy a sewing machine, I expect them to last more than a couple of years.  Now knowing this information, I will hopefully have this one for many years to come.



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