About Me

I’ve been sewing since I was 5 dressing my dolls in scraps as my mother sewed.  By the time I graduated High School I was making my entire wardrobe.  Then life got in the way of sewing.  I rediscovered it with the birth of my daughter, making dresses and play clothes. I made dance costumes to cover the cost of dance classes. Along the way were Halloween costumes.  Eventually I moved on to Prom Gowns and a Wedding Gown for my sister.  Then one for my daughter.  Then came grandchildren.  A Christening outfit for Alexander and Halloween costumes.  Not many patterns for little boys.  Then came Cailey and back to sewing for girls.  I always wanted to learn how to smock so I took some lessons and my first Smocked project was a silk organza Christening Gown.  Special occasion dresses.  Now at 3, she’s got her own opinion as to what to wear.  She loves twirley dresses, especially with cowboy boots.  Purple is her favorite color.  She cuts fabric and likes to pin things.  She wants to sew.  Alexander at 6 also wants to sew.  He helps pin and cut fabric.  He can sew straight seams.  Maybe for Christmas they’ll get their own sewing machine.  They give me a reason to sew again.


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